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December 02, 2018 2 min read

Do the little things right for long enough, and eventually you are going to breakthrough..

I have 2 early contributions to our world today and boy, I am sure feeling blessed and grateful to be receiving this.

 This image is not me btw, just in case there was any doubt ha, but I do like the picture and feel it fits, no?

This image is not me btw, just in case there was any doubt ha, but I do like the picture and feel it fits, no?

You see, last night before I went to sleep I was just decompressing a bit, and creating some new content that I wanted to share with you today.  (As I do, I always like to take it from where I’m at, as close to the moment as possible, as I see regularly and fully believe that the universe is asking me questions and sending me messages right in this moment to each acknowledge, interpret, and share).

And so I’m creating this piece last night about staying the path.. staying on point and on mission, no matter what, as it’s so important, right everything when some things SEEM like they might be derailing a little bit, because they’re not.

And so I create this piece right, and as I create I move the energy, so I create my piece, and let it go with the energy and inspiration ready to share, and then I wake up this morning.  And truly, I feel a little tired today, because I’ve been working hard.. (fully, 12+ hour days here for weeks just totally dialed in and lining things up and executing), and then today, the universe just starts showing up with gifts.. creative gifts here, and there, and pieces flowing in alignment, and energy shifted, and things ready to roll and all I can do is just glow and smile.  And there’s these little tears running down my face in a release of pure appreciation and joy, and happiness, and gratitude for the stage that is now here, and is now set, for me and us all, and all of this to move forward into and onto the next level. J

And so today, I’m just being with this so far this am.  I’m just glowing and grinning and smiling, and truly, totally completely vibrating, about everything that is now and has been lining up.

And this is what breakthroughs are all about. 

This is how they feel.

They feel amazing.

And so this is why we do the work, on ourselves, in alignment with our missions, to help people and bring great things to life in our world.  Because we can. Because we’re supposed to.  And because it feels incredible to do.

So, wherever you’re at today, this is a reminder to trust you heart, trust your gut, and stay on path, because you are meant to.

Have an amazing day.

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