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  • Top 4 Reasons to Stay on your Path in Times of Challenge or Uncertainty

    7 min read

    Top 4 Reasons to Stay on your Path in Times of Challenge or Uncertainty

    Don't mind these winds, stay the course sailor.. 

    Okay, cool. So interesting topic today.. My top 4 reasons why I feel it's important to stay the path in times of challenge or uncertainty..

    There are lots of things that can come up in life.. There can be lots of noise and distractions and challenges and just activities I guess we can just run into along our way, doing our work, and executing our mission in alignment with our goals and our vision and all these great things.  Circumstances where our resolve to fulfill those objectives and those intentions can become challenged. And they can, depending how strong we are or not, sway us from what we really truly seek for ourselves.



    Being strong in our convictions and in our resolve for what we want for ourselves, holding that space and honoring that space for ourselves in our lives and in our businesses and all this is so important for us to live joyful and happy and prosperous lives. Because if not, then if we don't, I suggest that we are actually living in accordance with the wishes of other people, not in accordance with the wishes of ourselves.

    So the big question is, am I on the right path or should I stay on the right path?  Am I doing the right thing? I don't know what I'm doing, and blah, blah, blah and we see all these different things come up. It could be friends and they say, "What are you doing?" Or, "Hey, you should come out. You should just come out and just come out with us all night and don't worry about your workout first thing in the morning or don't worry about your other responsibilities, just let it all go," blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, all of which can potentially steer us away from what we're actually seeking for ourselves.  As such, I suggest to you here it's then up for us to decide and it's up to us to take ownership of these choices we make and these choices we allow ourselves to be swayed to make, or not.

    So, three reasons why I'd suggest it's important for us to stay on the path, right, and practicing that the path is yours; the path is up to you, you get to choose what it is but only you can execute along the path, only you can walk those steps of the path, so you can't expect necessarily someone else to do it for you. The path that you're on has to be in alignment with what makes you feel great and the best about yourself and your world. So,

    Three reasons I believe it's important for you to stay on your path..

    Number 1 - You're on your own Journey.

    A bunch of friends show up to say, "Come on, let's go over here and just drop everything and forget it and whatever." Sometimes that can be fun but at what cost, and the cost you need to ask yourself is how it relates to mental, spiritual, physical, financial impacts of making that choice, because allowing yourself to make that choice is your own decision.

    If you've made that choice and you make that choice and you say, "I'm in," and you'd go with it, then that's the choice that you will live with and you need to live with because others aren't in your shoes. They are not living the circumstances that you are living in your life. So the point of number one is that no one cares as much as you on your path the work that you are doing, there is no one who cares about the work that you are doing as much as you. So if people are trying to sway in all kinds of different directions and do all these different things, they are not thinking about your circumstances and needs and wants and dreams, necessarily.

    The best people around you, the best of friends, are considering your interests..  They say, "Hey, if you need space, I got you." Or, "Hey, we can do it another time. Not a big deal." But those who guilt you and say, "Oh, come on," and whatever are doing it out of their insecurities, I'd suggest, as it relates to their ability to hold space for themselves and potentially that could be a toxic relationship because it costs you a great deal to play along to that type of pattern and behavior.

    Number 2 - You are Meant to go the Way you are Going

    So you yourself, as you align yourself with your ability, as you align yourself with your interest, with your passions, with your heart, with your dreams and you make the choice about where you want to go and more or less how you want to get there. This is how it is supposed to feel. When you are imbalanced and not in alignment, you feel frustrated and you're tired and drained and you blame others and you complain and all these types of things. But when you're in alignment with what you're supposed to be doing, you vibrate and you're full of joy and you have fun and you laugh and you play and all these great things and that is how it's supposed to feel. And you know what, you are allowed to feel that way.

    So wherever that is for you and as you're in it, that's where you're supposed to be. So anything that pulls you away from that should be a warning sign because if you don't feel that way, then you need to make adjustments in the way that you're living, I'd suggest, so that you can continue to stay along the path in alignment with those things that feel good. You are meant to go that way. You are permitted and you have permission to feel great and experience great things, you deserve it. So give yourself that. That's another reason why it's important to stay on the path. It is healthy for you. It feels good. It's a good thing.

    Number 3 - Your Work Matters and is Important

    On your path and on your mission, in your journey, I suggest to you here that no one cares about your work and your journey and your path as much as you do., BUT IT IS IMPORTANT.  So, you have to care the most about it, if you care about it at all. If you don't, you can throw it away and go and do whatever and come back to revisit your issues and challenges and struggles and all this another day, but they aren't going to go away unless you face them and so on your path, you need to keep perspective and remember that when you are in alignment, your work matters and is important, and we all need you to do be doing it in the best interests of all of us.

    Number 4 - People are both Emotional and Emotionally Distracted and make Impulsive Decisions based on things that have Nothing to do with You nor Your Mission.

    So all of these sorts of distractions and emotional states, like somebody can come in hung over to your space, or they can be irritated about a fight with a partner, or they have financial issues, or any number of things that might trigger them in their journey and that could have an impact on you, and where this could make you the outlet for their relieving themselves of those energies or trying to move those energies through themselves.

    I will say that those choices or those triggers or those influences, where they try and provide feedback from those types of places, or criticisms from those places, saying you don't know what you're doing, you have no idea what you're up to, this is a piece of crap, this is never going to work, and all of that kind of garbage etc etc - that's their stuff. That's not your stuff. Where that is coming from from them has nothing to do with you. These could be long imprinted beliefs or these could be like forever carried patterns or limitations on their own experience or own journey that they have to resolve, you don't have to resolve, and participating in that type of discussion does not serve you in any way, shape nor form nor respect.

    So, we don't listen to it.

    We don't let it in. We receive it in so far as we honor the space it requires to move the energy associated with it; we observe for messages and we observe for insights that permeate through that type of energy or these types of suggestions or these types of comments or what have you, but we are not swayed by them.

    If we are connected with ourselves, we are in alignment through feeling with how we feel and how our gut is responding, how our gut is guiding us along our path and along our way. If our being is in alignment in a way that feels great and we feel fulfilled in our mission, then we don't need anyone else to affirm for us that we are on path and we are doing the right thing and we are heading along our right way.

    We allow people in these states space, as respectful beings and spirits, to express themselves and we hold space more or less for that so long as doing so is not toxic or abusive for ourselves, but then we let it move and we let it go. We receive what is valuable and insightful for most experiences and we let go of what isn't as it's just drama and noise and we carry on. We carry on because we are clear in our mission and we are clear on our objectives and we are unfazed because we know that is the work we are meant to be doing. If it isn't the work we are meant to be doing, we know that too. So the question is not for them to tell us what we're doing. It is for us to ask ourselves why are we doing it and why are we subjecting ourselves to those types of experiences if we know that is not what we're supposed to be doing and the work we're supposed to be doing.

    So, there you have it.. these are my top three reasons why I believe it's important to stay on our paths. If you like this post, like, comment, share with your friends. Dig into some of my other content. Watch for new announcements. Sign up to my newsletter if you have not yet done so. I welcome you to join my other friends and I there, look forward to chatting with you again soon.



    Chad McMillan
    Chad McMillan

    Chad McMillan is an independent venture capitalist and creative artist focused on personal growth and exponential entrepreneurship. Connect with Chad at chad@chadmc.com.

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