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December 02, 2018 2 min read

A growing tribe on entrepreneurs sharing great tools, tips, and strategies, together..

Truly friends, I don’t know many people who use Pinterest all that much, but I think you should.  Of all the platforms I use, I find Pinterest to be one of the best for visually organizing and curating interesting content on pretty much any topic.

I use it to create new brand boards, organize and communicate design ideas, share my own insights, etc etc.  You name it.

For the past few months I’ve been quietly optimizing my own Pinterest account and page and am starting to get some real traction here: Over 500,000 (!) views on my content a month and new followers every day, my account is growing - both EXPONENTIALLY and ORGANICALLY.

Lots more to come from me on how I do this later, but for now, I’m upping my game a little more here and just started the new ‘Trailblazing Entrepreneurs Pinterest Group Board,’ a place where entrepreneurs like us can connect and post their our own content with each other.

Why does this matter?  Well, when you share your own content on my group board, it is not only shared to the followers of the board, BUT ALSO, to the followers of all of the board followers as well.

Do you see how this can help your content reach exponentially farther?

So, the idea here is for you to join forces with other awesome entrepreneurs in this group board who also have awesome content, and then everyone’s content will start to be able to reach 10x+ farther.. 10xing our collective power to positively impact and influence the world.

Sound like a good idea?


1 - Follow me on Pinterest:

2 - Send me an email asking to join:

Looking forward to rocking on rolling on Pinterest with you.  Personally, I truly love this platform.



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