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December 02, 2018 2 min read

Clear, rebalance, align, and flow..

Personally and professionally, pretty much all the work I do is in alignment.  I am met with circumstances that have needs and are out of alignment, (people, projects, companies ++) and I realign them, energetically and otherwise, so they may fulfill their intention.  It’s not really much more complicated then that, though the process can sometimes seem to be (for some).

When doing this work, sometimes there’s resistance, and we need to move through it.  Sometimes this resistance comes from within us, (and we need to address and release it), and sometimes from outside of us (mirroring back to us what we need to see).  Irrespective of where it comes from, all resistance and imbalance impedes flow, and FLOW, is our most pure and true connection to source energy, which is trying to bring us everything we want and need, to and from the universe, all the time, every day.

If we'd like to recalibrate, I suggest we need to take a moment and ask ourselves..


How in alignment are we right now?


How balanced are we right now?


How ready are we to receive that which we seek from the universe right now?


How present in this moment are we right now?


How in the flow are we / do we feel right now?


Amidst any and all noise, drama, resistance etc etc that we may be bearing witness to right now or at any time, I suggest we must always draw awareness to personally observing, reflecting upon, and evaluating ourselves, our intentions, our activities, and our actions with respect to these questions above and these states of living.

Once upon a time I was never aware of these vibrations and this connection, but once I saw it, and felt it, and received it, there was truly no going back.  I believe everything we have ever truly wanted and/or needed is right in front of us.. right in front of our faces and ahead of us along our paths.

With this in mind, let’s all just put on some nice tunes, reflect on our paths and states of being with these questions, and enjoy this beautiful day..

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