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    We've got to learn to ride the waves, not take them in the face..

    Today, I want to dive into a cool topic. It keeps coming up. And as you'll find with me and the things I share, that there is one-part preparation of the realm of things I want to chat about and another part which is, intuitively, what's coming up in my world on the day for me to experience and interpret. People asking me specific questions over and over again. Me seeing particular patterns over and over again, or insights coming up as I interpret what I see and what's going on in the world around me and the lives of other people. That said, I guess that they are also important to all of us, myself, yourselves, and ideally, those I don't know or haven't met yet, in a way that I can continue to add positive impact and add positive value to your lives through these installments.

    Now, this being the second episode, we're still going to get deeper into this content, into these segments that I share, which are going to include pieces that I come up with on the fly as we go, that will include interviews, or Q&As, or other forms of interesting material as I feel so inspired. That's why I'm keeping it really open minded, giving myself a canvas to explore, and grow, and play, and share, and add value to the world.

    So today, I want to talk about riding the wave in high vibration awareness, high vibration living, riding the wave into and with the principles and the receipt of prosperity, abundance, and ultimate success in our lives. That which we seek, seeking us and all of us finding each other in the way we choose to define it. Now, over the last couple days, man oh man, has there been some energy flowing. A couple of days ago it was end of the month, tax season, end of tax season, full moon, full on.

    Yesterday is an example. I bared witness to this major shift of energy around me. Now, there's two ways to look at the world and all I ever ask, all I ever suggest is, consider if, right? Consider the philosophies of what I'm sharing, not that they are absolutely, surely, the most undeniable universal laws, but to consider in a different way. What if that is how it works? What if that is the case? Consider these perspectives. Consider these insights and these ideas as potentially valid and then look at your world considering them as same. Accepting that they could be true and actually the case and real, and walking about and exploring about your day, integrating them in such a way that you are interpreting your world with an embrace philosophy in that respect, right? Follow me?

    So, let's look at this principle, this idea today that we are all energy, we all vibrate. Everything vibrates, everything is made up of energy. You know, this is physics, this is suggested in your high school textbooks and otherwise, but it's really explained in like unfascinating ways. I never took physics in high school per se, but when you start to understand what they're talking about is or at least some of these things, and then you interpret this in a deeper way into the way you live your life, and how we're all connected, and how everything works together, this is really profound stuff.

    So, riding the wave. The best analogy I'd suggest for life, the way I choose to live my life, and I see life unfolding is surfing, right? The waves come one after another.  And the wave will come, and it'll grow, and it'll crest, and then it'll roll over, and it'll break, and then it will dissipate along the shoreline. And another one comes, and it'll fall after it. And in between the big waves, we have these valleys.  And these are kind of the calm in between the activity, or the cresting, or the peak in the swelling we’ll say is a good word for it, of the wave as it enters into our world.

    "Energy moves from body to the water much like a wave in the ocean".

    And as these last couple days have again demonstrated, there are these major waves that occur in and around certain events tied to time, tied to particular triggers, stressors, tied to finance and tied to other things that we don't even understand, we are not even sure we're aware of. One I've talked about before and we'll talk about it again, it's certainly a new and full moon, gravitational influences and otherwise, and how they impact our bodies or bodies being a large percentage. I think was it 80% water, give or take, which is then interesting because energy moves from body to the water much like a wave in the ocean.

    Now, if we're all connected energetically, everything around us is connected energetically. Think of the wave of that energy rolling through a whole region. Or a whole community of people, or a small community of people, or a country, or a geographical typographical setting, or similar. There's a whole multi-dimensional, I'd suggest, combination of ways that we're all connected in this regard and that these energy waves that roll through affect all of us. So, the question is, do we see that? Right? Do we know that? Do we respond to that consciously, an in aware way, an aware state, or do we react to it?

    "So, the question is, do we see that?"

    When the wave comes, think of it if you've ever been surfing. Now, I have. I am not a fantastic surfer, but the analogy sticks, right? I've been out on the board, and I can use it because it is certainly relevant. Do you take the wave in the face? Or do you duck into the waves see the wave you like, time it, get up on your board and you catch the wave, flow with it, and you simply ride that wave? These are the same choices we have in life. We can either continue to walk forward taking each wave in the face, or we can duck into a couple and move through them until we find the wave we like without letting them affect us, without letting them slow down our forward motion, and then when we find a wave we like, we can get up on the board and we can ride it. This is like so key to living a peaceful, a joyful, and happy life.

    I'd suggest understanding, recognizing the movement of energy through our bodies, the feeling that comes up in these various triggers and letting some of these waves just pass through as opposed to fighting them all. Many people do fight them all. I used to fight as many as I could. Ig you're swinging, you're throwing punches, figuratively not literally, but you're energetically just fighting back, and you're fighting the waves. Think if you're out on the water right now and the waves are coming in; how many waves are coming? How long are they coming for? How big are they? I'm going to tell you that they're likely bigger than you are, that they're coming for as long as time can see. These are perpetual waves, and they're coming one after another for a long time. So, how many punches, proverbial punches can you throw at these waves if you don't like them? They're coming anyways. They're bigger than you are. They're bigger than I am, and they're coming.

    "This is the path of personal mastery"

    So, what do we do when they come? How do we ground when they're flowing by? How do we duck into the wave, proverbially speaking? How do we hone our own energy and preserve our state of peace, joy, and happiness, as opposed to just being all over the map, totally unglued and losing all sense of self and direction? And this is the path of personal mastery. This is the work of living and staying in a high vibrational state of peace, joy, harmony, happiness, and prosperity. Because if any small wave can just show up and knock you off your board, any small wave can show up and slap you in the face, and trigger you, and get you upset, think of yourself on your surfboard just flopping around, kicking the water, and getting mad at the ocean, what's that going to do?

    Well, I mean, your vibration is shifting. If your vibration is shifting, remember the law of attraction. It doesn't come with like a mainstream coined product connotation, it's an actual thing that this energy vibrates and communicates with other energy. So like when you put something hot next to something cold, that something cold becomes hotter, that something hot becomes cold, right? And so, which is it going to be? Now, if you receive this wave, and you take it on the face, and it frustrates you and irritates you, and you turn around and you dump that energy on someone else, right? What is that doing? That is continuing the process of that vibration permeating through our connected energy field. And that's what's happening when we get into these phases like my last couple of days, where I'm looking around and people are just tripping out.

    Case in point. I'm up early every day. Like I'm up 4:00 AM every day, and now I'm up 4:00 AM even on the weekends. And people are like, "Why? Why would you do that?" Because I don't need to be out all night drinking or do anything similar. I don't drink, I eat well, and I'm sleeping well, and I'm on my A game, and it feels fantastic. But all weekend, I'm available. It's not an open invite, but I'm just saying I'm out, I'm around. I just connect a little bit, I enjoy my day, I flow, I explore, I spend time with great people and just kind of kick it. But nobody's all over me all weekend asking about this and that, and the other thing, and all these sorts of things, right? No, nothing. There's no pressure, but I'm around.

    Sunday, I went for an amazing 90-minute massage, right? Why? Well, I feel I deserve it. It's been a while. I could use it. Just nice relaxing massage, a spa, a steam, and I was like, "Oh, that's fantastic." And it was just super trouble. What did I also know? So well, today is also a full moon, and sure enough, come Monday morning, this pent up full moon energy, everybody's experience in this stuff going on, and I'm for myself understanding, recognizing that. So, I'd lay a little bit lower usually, and I just let that energy move.

    But what you need to learn to do is to identify waves as they're coming, when they're coming. Be that trends, opportunity, people, favorable circumstances, good ideas, changes in direction, etc.  This is how we prepare ourselves and how we align ourselves with and live from a place of a stable, high vibration perspective, stable balanced energy, and good flow. And flow and staying in this state is what continues to attract prosperity, abundance, and more joy, peace, and magic in your world. Because if we allow these things to hit us, and hurt us, and slow us down, and get us off our game, and frustrate us, and irritate us, so just scream at the wave. Just think of how stupid that is, right?

    The other is the victim perspective where you just say, "Oh my God. All these things are happening to me, for example - the phone won't stop ringing."

    So, we look at both of them. Whatever the trigger may be, the magic is in how we react or respond to those experiences, which is my suggestion, and what I've learned is to respond to them in a very chill, steady way that does not exacerbate the energy that is being experienced, and in a way that continues to put positive vibes out there because I am the source of good vibes, and in a way that avoids throwing those energies further and past and deeper into lower vibrating states, which is the bait. That is the bait of those types of events when everybody's just peaking like that.

    "Whatever the trigger may be, the magic is in how we react or respond to those experiences."

    But if you look around and you become conscious of this, you're going to look around and you're going to see people are doing it all over the place. They're irritated, they're honking their horn, they're throwing energy daggers at each other all over the place, because everybody is blaming everybody else for the way they feel that day instead of just acknowledging, "Hey, it's a wave. Here are my choices. I get to duck into it and not let it affect me, just let it pass. I can take it flat up on the face, or I can take this opportunity and get up on my board and ride it."

    And these options in our lives when these states are occurring are what separate people who are very happy, joyful, peaceful, prosperous, high vibrating lives, and find the way to sustainably and consistently exist in that zone, versus those who don't. Another example I've talked about before, you can look at someone who is hard on their luck and someone who is feeling upset and irritated about the world and as you listen to the story, it has this huge victim connotation. Ask somebody who is in a different state than that and they will have a much different feeling about what is going on, and what matters, and what issues they are taking on, and which ones they're not, which ones they're addressing, which ones they are letting go, which ones they're just letting happen. The way they trust the world and the universe versus the universe is out to get them. I mean, think and feel these things and consider them.

    This is the magic of riding the wave. This is the magic of feeling the wave, the energy. This is the magic of recognizing the wave and the energy within ourselves and applying that awareness to our lives on a moment to moment basis, our relationships, our businesses, our works of art, our creative endeavors, our explorations or travel, our challenges, so on and so forth.

    "The universe has always got all of our best interests at heart."

    Remember and consider this, the universe has always got all of our best interests at heart. The universe is always trying to give us that which we seek, truly that where we seek things from a place of love and from a place of deservingness and abundance and magic, that is what we will receive. If we do not feel we deserve abundance, and magic, and love, and so on in our life, the universe will give us that to be work on all of this stuff to move ourselves from a place of low vibration living into high vibration living, and to stay there, is recognizing the ways we impede ourselves from receiving it. It'll be a deeper topic from another day.

    But remember this, the universe is always seeking to give you that which you seek and want for yourself, and it is always seeking to give you that which you seek and want for yourself and for others that is in your and their highest and greatest good. So, remember that being cool, staying chill, enjoying the journey, is a blessing and a gift, we're lucky to be here, ride the wave.

    "I will demonstrates that by leading by example, which is my intention and philosophy on life and living and all the good that comes through and with it."

    'Remember this, ride the wave. Next time you see all of this percolating drama around you, everybody just kind of freaking out whatever, they'll take it on. Do you dip under the wave? Do you take the wave right in the face or do you get on your board and you ride it? That's your call. I know what I'd do, and you'll see it as you join me on this journey one day at a time, one step at a time, one opportunity at a time. I will demonstrate that by leading by example, which is my intention and philosophy on life and living and all the good that comes through and with it.

    Again, my name is Chad McMillan. This is the Fresh and Raw Podcast, Episode 2.

    Just getting going with this stuff. If you dig it, like it, comment, share it, feedback is welcome. Tell me what you think, what you want me to talk about, maybe we should get you on an interview yourself, we'll see.

    This template, this canvas is wide open to create from in a place that adds amazing deep and profound value to people like yourself and like myself in our lives where, and however possible, wide open to do all kinds of amazing high vibrating things, that's what we're doing here.

    So, wishing you a great day. We're stoked that you're here. We'll see you next time. Chat with you soon.

    What do you think of this philosophy?  Let me know in the comments below..

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