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December 02, 2018 1 min read

One of the most important skills in business I've been able to develop over the years is the ability to find my own path. Many people follow the herd. We let other people tell us what we should think and feel, instead of listening to our own instincts and intuition about what we actually think and feel, and acting upon same, in alignment with our own best interests.

In this latter sense, what do your own instincts and intuition tell you about where you are at right now, who you should be around, and the kinds of projects you should be working on/invested in?

How to Hold Your Own Space and Go Your Own Way

This week, don't listen to the news, others around you, or passersby in the street. Instead, try listening and acting upon your own instincts and intuition and take the space you need to make choices for yourself, in your best interests for YOU. 

They say, "the world makes way for the (wo)man who knows where(s)he is going."(~Emerson) 

Where do you want to go today/this week/this year/this life, for YOU?

This path hasn't always been obvious for me, but once we find and learn to trust this inner compass, everything gets a whole lot easier.

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