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December 02, 2018 2 min read

It is more accurate than your mind, 100% of the time.

Some days people's collective energy can be thrown off. As an active stock market player, I see this all the time.  Mania and panics.  

For some people, this can be related to money, or for others their trigger can simply be related to a sense of entitlement, irritability, at what some consider to be poor service or not getting what they want.

Heading into the wknd, draw awareness to what you allow yourself to be pulled into energetically over the next few days. Make note of those around you who get overly emotional in one direction or the other, as well as how you either react or respond to it. Bear witness to this happening without allowing yourself to be pulled in.  This is called 'holding space.'

As an actor, creative artist, philosopher, and business executive, I often trailblaze true to my own instincts, which can sometimes flow against the grain; into places and spaces and trends and with ideas that other people don't see or may not yet understand. On this path, if I can't hold my own vision and confidence and space for myself, in any and all of these activities as I go about my day, I could very well lose my sense of direction for at least a period of time by partaking in the confused or lost direction of others.

In all scenarios, trust your heart, and listen to your gut for the right answer when others around you are getting worked up. Stick to the facts and fundamentals and let all of the other drama go. Remember that everything is vibrational, that those big waves of volatile triggers and emotion will pass, as they always do, where the question of mastery within them is, when they occur, what will be the collateral damage or engaging in this volatility? (As in money, friendships, relationships etc., where I suggest to you, losing none of them is worth it).

Instead, I suggest being a hawk, steady, soaring, confident and with clear vision, flying high above and cutting through the noise, flowing along your path to where you are meant to go. 


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