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December 02, 2018 2 min read

No matter where you might be when you read this, we all look up and see the same big objects in the sky.

Can you feel the full moon?

For centuries, many cultures have referred to the impact of a full moon on our collective society and individual behaviours.  When we are deep or possibly even lost in our minds, we can often lose awareness of our own individual actions and their impact on those around us.  (Indeed, if we want to get even deeper here, so goes conscious theory that everyone we meet is merely but a reflection of ourselves, but I'll save this concept for another day).

The most important point to note for today is, that today is a super blood full moon.  Super because it will appear quite oversized on the horizon given its close proximity to the earth, blood, because it will be a full eclipse today in some places, and full of course, because we can see it in its entirely at this time.

How to Stay Chill During a Full Moon - Chad McMillan

Now, this is quite a stellar alignment, and as such, may impact you on some level physically, mentally, and/or emotionally today, as they often do for me. 

Firstly, my point of all this is to remind you to be mindful of your actions and behaviours today.  Stay chill, acknowledge the energy, and don't bite on the actions and behaviours of those who may be getting worked up and triggered by this full moon around you. Let the energies of the full moon pass, just like a wave in the ocean, and all energies will rebalance and stabilize in the coming days shortly hereafter. 

Meanwhile, in metaphysical circles, many intuits and star readers often offer deeper insights and explanations of certain full moon and their particular influences and impacts on us and as a society.  I highly recommend checking these out for guidance along your own journey, where one of the best sites to pull a snapshot of these insights on the regular, is Mystic Mamma.  Check out her site at the link below if it's of interest, and have yourself a great full moon magic kind of day.


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