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December 02, 2018 1 min read

Pretty awesome news out in film land today.  

Heading into the weekend just got word that independent feature film 'The Kindergarten Teacher.' starring Maggie Gyllenhaal, has just been picked up by Netflix.

Why does this matter? Well, while not only having personally invested in the film, Imagination Park Entertainment is a producer (which is one of my largest and favorite holdings), as is associate Gabriel Napora as executive producer, (who I have enjoyed working with and helping along his own journey wherever I could the past couple of years).

To catch you up if you aren't yet in the loop; The Kindergarten Teacher was also recently a grand jury finalist at Sundance (once of the most esteemed independent film festivals in the world), where Director Sara Colangelo also picked up the award for Best Director.

And this is all on top of where, earlier in the week, Protagonist Pictures out of the UK picked up the worldwide rights to the film, ahead of Netflix picking up the Canadian and US rights today.

Awesome and quite promising news all around for the project, with great reviews and a lot more buzz to come for this film I am feeling and I am sure.  

Proud of all of these stakeholders and the production team here, kudos to all!

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